Strangers Again

Strangers again…. The more I think about it, the sadder it sounds… How did it go from ‘the closest person’ to ‘strangers’? When you are with someone, he/she is the person who’s always by your side, who knows your whereabouts. The first person you’ll tell about the things that are happening in your life. And when you broke up, just like that, it’s gone… whatever it is that you had, is gone… you don’t talk to them, you don’t know what’s going on in her life… Heck you don’t even know if he/she is alive…. (although they probably are still alive…, unless you’re like 80/90 yo, then the probability are getting slimmer)

“It’s funny. When you date someone, it’s like you’re taking one long course in who that person is, and then, when you break up, all that stuff becomes useless. It’s the emotional equivalent of an English degree.”
Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother


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