DP Challenge…

My first DP challenge. So Im supposed to pick a random word, do a google search and write about what crossed my mind when I saw the 11th image… Here is what my 11th pic is…

Yeap! my google word was ‘STONE’…. cant think of anything to write… this crossed my mind tho…

This is called ‘BATA’. Not the most fancy thing to come across my mind, but back where I come from, almost all houses are made of these rocks. Of course we do cover it up with nicer paints, but yea… I’ve seen it done, where the construction guys layered brick by brick… I dont think it’s still widely used for new houses…

and at the same time, Bata, is also a brand name, infamous if i may say, of footwear. We always think that the brand is local, but NOOOOO… the founder, Tomas Bata, is actually a Czech entrepreneur. Hence the product is from Europe. I wonder how many people from my country knows about that. Not that they would care, but you know…

Well, that was interesting, the ‘challenge’ I mean… kinda make me THINK of what to write… I probably should try harder, but eh… some other day….

– molen –


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