Shanghai Xiao Long Bao Restaurant

This is Din Tai Fung people! In downtown Vancouver. Not sure why they use different name outside the sore,mbut when i packed the leftover food, the plastic bag spells out Din Tai Fung. Menu and all looks very similar… Anyway, we tried the fried rice, and duck… And of course the famous Xiao Long Bao(dumpling with soup inside). It was goood! And when you see a chinese restaurant, always packed with chinese, then it issss goood! LOL… Here is the location!!

    Yang Zhao Fried Rice


    (Something) Duck

LOL – I dont know what type of duck… It’s served ‘cold’ tho. And it’s a tad salty as is. Kinda have to have it with rice or congee



    Xiao Long Bao




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