Blood Donation


Was cleaning my room when I found this pin that i got the first time I donated blood. It was like 3 months ago, which means I can donate again, soon.

I have been wanting to, since like a year ago. But you know how it is. It’s just want want want, and things came up, busy schedule, and whatnot. So it happened that my friend asked him to accompany him, since he said he kinda need a moral support (he’s got the jitters around blood, =P) but yea, while I was waiting with him for his ‘walk-in’ appointment slot, i decided to register too. It was so simple! The whole process takes about 45 minute-ish, give or take.

If you are like a ‘normal-average-healthy’ person (without previous obvious sickness/disease, or drug users) i would say you are ‘eligible’. Well they will check your blod anyway, and you’ll get to meet the nurse who will ask you questions and whatnot. But I say go for it, doesnt cost you anything, and it helps. Help people, help research which I believe eventually help people. And you got to have some cookies afterwards! ^.^

You can register online here


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