Brunch at Cache Lounge & Bistro

I got this Groupon for $20 brunch for 2 at Cache, Yaletown. I dont think I’d wana go if I had to pay for the full price. Although Im assuming for the full price they have a bigger portion.

These were what I had, with the supposed menu price.

Vegetarian frittata ($13)
Sun-dried tomato, gouda, spinach and caramelized onion, choice of white, whole wheat or multigrain toasts.
– i gotta say i did not enjoy the egg.. It’s tiny and gooey and i chose the fritata because it says gouda…. But I cant taste the cheese at all. So I was disappointed.


Belgian waffle ($3.50)

loooovvveee the waffle. Fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Topped with rum caramel. I just love the smell of roasted caramel.
Add toppings ($1 each)
Vanilla whipped cream
Sweet compound butter
Blueberry compote
Rum caramel
Canadian maple syrup
Fresh strawberries

Artisan Tea ($3.50)

I had the white peony. It’s alright. Has a very pleasant scent. I was happy. Had it come in a mug/porcelain cup, instead of see-through glass, i’d have enjoy it more. =P

Selections from Two Leaves and A Bud Tea Company
Black: Organic Earl Grey, Organic Darjeeling
Green: Organic Tropical Goji, Jasmine Petal Tea
Herbal: Alpine Berry, Organic Chamomile
White: Organic White Peony


Anyway, it’s a pretty decent brunch place, ambiance-wise.. A tad crowded, probably because of the Groupon thing. But if they gave the same food portion for Groupon and for regular price, I’d say it’s not worth it. With Groupon, it’s decent. Check out Cache Bistro & Lounge here



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