Good Year, Bad Year

Chinese believe in chinese zodiac. It’s similar yet different from the regular zodiac. It’s actually characterized in animals; rats, ox, tiger, rabbit, to name a few. For chinese zodiac, there are certain relationships between these animal characters. It could be best of friends to mortal enemy; in a sense that their ‘existence’ in each other’s life could be beneficial or causing misfortune. Hence, my point, good year, bad year.

Each year is an animal year, like for example, 2011, I believe was year of tiger. I think. I need to check my facts. And 2012 is a year of Dragon. Now dragon, is said to be ‘beneficial’ for every zodiacs, however, there are only certain zodiacs, that are beneficial to Dragon. So not all are mutually beneficial to each other.

Now I am trying to recall which animal ‘ruled’ the year of 2009 and 2010 or even 2011. Cuz I’m pretty sure those weren’t good years. The reason why I don’t remember is that I don’t actually care. But as far as I am concerned, these few months into 2012, was not bad months. Granted that it’s only May, but it wasn’t bad all. So, here’s to hoping for a great 2012 and that my ‘luck wheel’ is finally turning upwards.


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