Heart, Compassion, Help

Was walking to Allard Hall, as usual, for the past week, and for the next 4 days, saw this thing happened. A guy, presumably blind, or half-blind at least, he’s holding the cane almost bump into a dude. The dude touched the guy’s shoulder and once he realised that the guy cant see. He talked to him and asked where he’s heading and actually helped guide him to the right track. Now it sounds normal, common sense even, but if you bring this ‘occurence’ to Asia, most probably what would happen is the dude will almost get pissed because this guy almost bump into him, but because he cant see, the dude wont be pissed, but most probaly he wouldnt helpeither, he’ll jus look at him or stare rather, then continue to walk. Well not wouldnt help, Probably would, if the guy asked, but if the guy didnt ask this dude wouldnt ‘start’ asking first.

This is a ‘small’ thing for us, but this small things bring warmth to me heart. So I thoughti’ll try to be ‘nicer’ in the future. There is no harm in helping people in any way right?


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