Cleaning Lady at Allard Hall

First of all, I have nothing against cleaning ladies or any ladies whatsoever. I usually have nothing against anybody, really.

So this lady was like “Excuse me girl, can you remove your (laptop) adaptor? I did, the first time the lady rolled her cleaning cart. Then few minute after that, a different lady passed by with her cart, and happily rolled over the cable plugged to my laptop. And thennn this lady (first one) was like sweeping inside the ‘area’ where I’m studying and start saying, can you move the cable (while still sweeping). I told her to just roll over it, I don’t mind. She ‘insisted’ that I remove it. I was like fine I’ll remove it… I ended up having to wait for another 10 minutes before she actually moved her cart (she continued sweeping eventhough i was standing there holding my plug). I should’ve juz moved the cart. I might have sounded very spoilt-brat-like, but I ca assure you, I am NOT. I was just annoyed. You should have seen her face… like her livelihood was depended on me moving the cable.

Anyway after she moved the cart, she said thank you (in a very obvious sarcasm). Then said, you should have just moved here, there are a lot of wall plug here. You are blocking my way by plugging your laptop there. I was like, yea I need the desk. (Don’t you think i’d have moved there if I don’t need the table). It’s like my whole purpose of using this particular plug is just to annoy you. Puh-leasseee…. I am more self-centered than that… I actually used it, because i NEED the table to study! *dohhhhh*…




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